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Oops, I tweaked it again

In a previous blog I talked about tweaking and when to know that a piece is done.

Well… guilty as charged, music police! Put me in cuffs, throw away the key!

I’m working on my next two releases. One is strictly mellow stuff. The other is more like the first two--a mixed bag.

When I thought that I had some really buttoned-up tunes, I took a day away from them and came back for a listen. OMG!

Let me fix this here, change something there, delete this part, add a part, put a part back, take that part out again.

Are there anymore plug-ins I can use? I just got Session Bassist-Prime Bass via Native Access and it is killer! Lots to explore!

26 pieces of music. 26 pieces to tweak. 26 head-spinning moments.

I have to say, the mellow release is sounding really really good. Very introspective, quiet, by- yourself moments. Curl up in front of a fire (if you’ve got one) or find a space where you can relax with a cup or a cocktail, or a cocktail in a cup, and just reflect and feel warm and toasty.

I just happened to have 12 pieces that worked very well together. Wasn’t aiming for it, but, surprise! I love musical surprises. I’ve decided that the title will be “In the Quiet Moments”.

The other release has varied pieces--a little more guitar and synth-oriented. I really enjoyed putting that one together.

As a guitarist, I try to make sure that I play parts for the music, not just wank around and blow chunks. Everything needs to work together and have a flow to them. I am tentatively calling it “3”.

Keyboard wise, the sky’s the limit. With thousands of sounds to pick from, your journey travels a plethora of exciting possibilities, sometimes doubling, even tripling sounds to get exactly what you hear in your head.

Alright, I’m guilty of four or five parts to get what I want.

A piece of music needs to breathe (in my opinion). It needs to ebb and flow. Take you on a journey.

Trying different instruments to see what works best…and then go back and…tweak them (ugh).

Once I’m happy with everything, I’ll send them to ChromeOrange Music for mastering and copyright.

Both of these releases will come out at the same time.

Lazarus Crow, out

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