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Alternate tuning - Using alternate tunings to add some flava

Adding alternate guitar tunings can bring a lot flava to a track. Even though it might be the same part, the difference in combined tunings can broaden and enhance the overall sound of a track. I have a number of alt tuned guitars that I might use to double or triple a part, depending what I’m going for sonically.

Aside from a number of electric guitars in standard tuning, I use a LINE 6 standard modeling guitar that has a plethora of different models (from acoustics to different manufacturers of electrics, Fender/Gibson, to even sitar). It also comes with a variety of tunings, and I can create my own tunings using the software that comes with it. I addition, I use a ¾ size electric guitar--tuned up a fourth.

I have a home-made guitar I call the 2x4 in new standard tuning (CGDAEG), developed by Robert Fripp, as well as a half-size one I call "shorty"--tuned an octave up.

On the acoustic side, I have a Takamine in standard tuning, an Ovation in Nashville tuning (the octave strings of a 12 string) and another in DADGAD tuning.

There’s no rule that says you have to use alt tunings when laying down a guitar track. I usually just double the track and go 10 and 2 when panning, BUT, sometimes the muse hits, and I think, What if I try this…


Lazarus Crow, out

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